Unrig by Newman, Daniel G
Neurocomic by Farinella, Matteo
Whales by Zakroff, Casey
Sacagawea by Dunn, Joeming
Jackie Robinson by Dunn, Joe
Cesar Chavez by Dunn, Joeming
Patrick Henry by Espinosa, Rod
Anne Frank by Dunn, Joe
George Washington by Espinosa, Rod
Wright Brothers by Dunn, Joe
Abraham Lincoln by Dunn, Joe
Thomas Jefferson by Dunn, Joeming
Clara Barton by Dunn, Joeming
Benjamin Franklin by Espinosa, Rod
George Washington Carver by Dunn, Joeming
Amelia Earhart by Dunn, Joeming
Booker T. Washington by Dunn, Joeming
Lewis and Clark by Espinosa, Rod
Martin Luther King Jr by Dunn, Joeming
Climate Change on the Brink: A Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventure by Kim, Carol
Hardcore anxiety by Chancellor, Reid
Fever Year by Brown, Don
The Comic Book Story of Beer by Hennessey, Jonathan
Journeying to New Worlds: A Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventure by Yomtov, Nel